Fulham match - ticket help please!

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Fulham match - ticket help please!

Post by Markvidukasshimmy »

Hi folks.

Hope you’ll accept a first-time poster coming straight in with a plea for help. I’m a Leeds fan based in Northern Ireland. My dad has a season ticket (got one in Bielsa’s first season – a very smart move in hindsight), and I am a MyLeeds+ Member. The same as plenty of others, I’m sure, I’ve had issues getting tickets to any match this season.

I was intending to go to the Fulham match on 23rd October. I had a couple of friends-of-friends-of-friends who are season ticket holders and was told to get in touch with them nearer the time – I have now, but they’re both intending to go to the match and so I’m stuck without a secured ticket for now – with return flights booked for the day in question!

I will try the online sales when they become available, but recent experience says it’s an absolute nightmare. (For the other match I’ve tried to get to this season – Wolves – I was allocated a disabled ticket and then a family stand ticket – as an individual buyer without disabilities, wasn’t able to buy either of them!) But I’d really like to have a partnership/network with a couple of season ticket holders who don’t get to every match, and who I can buy/rent their ticket off for the Fulham game.

My Dad has a season ticket. If anyone can offer me a (valid, legitimately transferred J) ticket for the Fulham game – e.g. by adding me to your Friends & Family list – my Dad is willing to do the same for you or for a friend of yours.

Currently, he goes to maybe half a dozen matches a season and just puts the ticket on the Exchange for the rest. So if he is not going to any given match, this can be transferred to you if you’re on the list at matchday/cost price.

He’s in D12 (West Stand) right at the front, pretty much in line with the edge of the penalty area. I was there with him last season for the Arsenal match, it’s a decent view.

Any help very much appreciated. Cheers folks.
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