Feeder Club?

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Feeder Club?

Post by weasel »

Seeing the huge rise in value of our transfer target Brenden Aaronson I think we are probably at the stage of needing a feeder club in a foreign country. If we'd paid £4m-£6m for Aaronson last season it would be a fee that would be too much to pay for someone going into our U23s but similarly he probably wouldn't have been ready for playing Premiership football straightaway. We could have bought him and loaned him out but that is problematic as it would send him to a club not playing like we do. As such it was a transfer that would make no sense for us last season and instead we then end up having to pay a far higher fee.

We saw the link up with the Spanish and that was just a joke. I think we only sent 1 player there and they didn't play him whilst at the same time Buendia was playing for them (albeit on loan) but we weren't interested in him despite presumably the opportunity to have a really close look at him and get to know more about his character etc.

With Aaronson he has gone to the Austrian league. Not a great standard but probably better than our U23 level and more importantly playing against all ages and expereinced players (we saw how our U23s struggles in that weird cup competition where they played League 1 and League 2 full sides). If we had a feeder club at a similar standard it would give us the opportunity to take a risk on signing players a bit more developed than we have in our U23s and also allow some of our U23s to go there on (such as seen recently we could have sent Cody Drameh there and maybe some others). We could have a Bielsa disciple as manager (someone like Corboran would have been excellent) so that they were playing the same way and Bielsa could even pop over now and again too to take charge of a training session and see how the players were developing.

It is also a way of getting round work permit problems as different countries have different criteria and that will likely make it harder for us to sign players with potential in the future due to the country's hatred of immigrants.
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