My reflection on game 19...(V Leicester)

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My reflection on game 19...(V Leicester)

Post by Smudge3920 »

What a difference a game can make, everyone’s (most everyone’s) spirits seem justifiably much higher.
For me that 3-1 away win at Leicester, the 3rd place team in the league was without doubt our best performance yet to date. As a team we played with commitment for 90 minutes, and even after going 1-0 down, immediately came back to level the score. Leicester had not yet lost a game this year after scoring the first goal. Our areas of weakness’s somehow did not seem so weak today, bearing in mind it is only one game but like early in the season we showed we can play with the big boys. It was more than just 3 points, that win will do more for team morale than we can imagine.
Meslier in goal looked as confident as ever, his distribution continues to improve. And what can we say about the defence today excellent job, Ali was not tested as much at FB which helped the cause, but even so he had some real bite to him today, Coops throwing himself in front of everything and some first-rate tackles. Pascal pairing well with Coops, and again todays performance shows he must be in the back 4 (whenever possible), and Luke as posted in another thread a warrior.
Kalvin and Stuart dominated MF today, closed just about everything down, and Kalvin owned Maddison, Barnes was neutralised. The flying R’s continue to fly, although their wings may have been clipped for a week or two, Harrison continues to come into his own and is becoming a real threat in the way Sterling is a threat for Citeh.
Bamford pulled off the last game, and no doubt had a couple of “chats” with MB on the training ground found his form again, it is simple to say “strikers need to score goals” this is true and a 3 or 4 game run can without scoring can cause a panic, the problem the last couple of games (imo) was not that Paddy was not only, not scoring but he was lacking everything else he brings to a game, but today, 1 goal, 2 assist, plus at least 2 tackles, 3 air borne duels won defensively etc etc just outstanding.

A fantastic all-round team performance, are we fixed?... of course, not we still need to strengthen the squad in the areas we discuss every week. Today we reminded ourselves of what this squad is capable of, and it was a joy to watch.
I am not one for believing in curses, but on the injury front we certainly are not “lucky”! The last 2 results go a long way to help buffer the next week or two, depending on the seriousness of injuries to Raphina, Rodrigo and Bamford.
We maybe, for the next week or so be putting our trust in Hernandez, Shackleton, Poveda and Taylor to pick up the mantle, I for one believe they will give their all, especially Pablo and we maybe just in for a (nice) surprise along the way.
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