18th highest revenue in football.

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18th highest revenue in football.

Post by Cjay »

Leeds United according to Deloitte

The 9th highest in the Premier League.

Ahead of teams like Everton, Villa and Newcastle.

It does show the appeal of Leeds United but also the financial power of the Premier League.

A Leeds United with wealthy and ambitious ownership and consequently a successful Leeds United on the pitch could quite conceivably push us up to similar totals to Juventus and Atletico Madrid in a few seasons.

The potential of this great club is there.

Just needs someone with the means and ambition to achieve it.

Radz deserves credit for our growth on and off the pitch. It hasn't been faultless and only time will tell what his legacy will be.

He also needs to recognise (which I think he does) that he needs to step away now tolet us try and push on.

And I hope the 49ers can see the potential for growth not just the potential to use us for there own short term benefit.

They would be getting a club with enormous potential, but they need to have enormous funding in the immediate future to hope to achieve it.


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