Premier League Leeds United are Box Office

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Premier League Leeds United are Box Office

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We warned them we would be a breath of fresh air. We warned them we’d bring excitement, aggression and something a bit different to the Premier League. But even Leeds United fans won’t have predicted quite how ‘Box Office’ Marcelo Bielsa’s side have been in the Premier League so far! With 14 (FOURTEEN) goals scored in the first two games of the season, the most for a top-flight side's opening two matches since Wolves in 1962-63 (F12 A2). Leeds United are the go-to team for entertainment, one of the broadcasters top picks and on a mission to never be last on Match of the Day.

Leeds United have been one of the most creative sides in England over the past two seasons, dominating possession and creating chance after chance. Always worth a flutter at Oly Bet to have plenty of posession and shots. Bielsaball has changed the way we look at football, with it’s pressing, man to man marking and quick breaks it is always exciting to watch but Leeds have been guilty of not always taking their chances, the masters not living up to their xG. With one of the best defences in Europe at the other end of the pitch games have not often been full of goals, despite the luscious, exciting football on display.

But that has all changed this season. Leeds have taken 16 shots in the first two games of the new season, 10 of which have been on target, 7 of which have led to goals. That makes Leeds United the most clinical team in the Premier League, needing just 2.3 shots per goal with nearest rivals Chelsea and Spurs needing another shot per goal. Leeds also have three players in the top ten goal scorers, with Bamford, Klich and Costa all chipping in with two a piece so far. If there had been questions about how they would cope in the Premier League Leeds’ attacking players have answered them with aplomb so far.

But the questions have not been answered so satisfactorily at the back just yet. Everything has been flipped on its head, having conceded just 35 goals all last season (0.76 per game), Leeds have let in 7 in just two (3.5 per game). Against Liverpool an U23 player making his debut at centre back lined up with a summer singing who had only been in the country a matter of days, Saturday it was all change again as Liam Cooper returned but Leeds missed the calming influence of Pablo Hernandez in midfield. The pundits have expressed concerns over Leeds’ defending, but things will settle in the weeks ahead I’m sure.

In just two games Bielsaball has stolen the hearts of the neutrals as Leeds United have played some truly breath-taking football and become everyone’s second team [winces at the thought]. Whatever happens this season, Leeds United are truly Box Office!
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Re: Premier League Leeds United are Box Office

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Yes, we are playing well. But we need an experienced Goalkeeper and a Midfielder and CB.
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