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Leeds fans' view on multi-club ownership (Survey)

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:20 am
by multiclub.thesis

We are two business administration students who are currently writing our degree project. As our topic of choice, we opted to study multi-club ownership within professional football clubs as we’ve personally seen an influx of this structure. Consequently, we’re gathering input from football fans to take note of their views and to be aided in locating these multi-club connections. Out of our 350 answers, there have only been two Leeds fans that have participated, which we hope you can help change. Please take two minutes two answer our short survey (we will later publish our findings in this forum) and enrich the Leeds United fanbase with your views!

Furthermore, were you aware that Radrizzani has been quoted to look into owning other clubs? If intrigued, have a look at the article listed below.


Radrizzani article: ... el-3025345

We're very much appreciative of your input, cheers!

Re: Leeds fans' view on multi-club ownership (Survey)

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2021 8:10 am
by multiclub.thesis
Finally it is time to report the findings!

Results were rather inconclusive as neither sporting- nor financial performance had a direct relationship with being a Multi-club portfolio member [MCPM] (i.e. a club with owners that holds significant stakes in other clubs). Although, these clubs tended to utilise international markets to a wider extent in player trading activity than clubs that had an isolated owner. In turn, inclination to use international trading markets hade positive effects on both sporting- and financial performance thereby suggesting an indirect benefit of a club being an MCPM.

Findings connected to the survey can be found in Section 1.1 and Appendix 1, in which the latter investigates each club that competed in the EPL or Championship during the 14/15-18/19 seasons. The study is available through the following link ( ... swid=-8476). Once more, thank you for your participation it was truly appreciated.

Best regards, Authors