Leeds United History

Check out our Leeds United History articles. If you are looking for a more comprehensive history of Leeds United Football Club I recommend you visit the sites blow;

- The Mighty Mighty Whites
- OzWhite’s Leeds United FC History
- WAFLL A Brief History of Leeds United

Twelve at the Top (1963-1975)

Refer to them however you wish ‘The Glory Years’ or ‘The Revie Era’ but between 1963 and 1975 Leeds United were one of the best teams in the country. Twelve at the Top by Colin S Jeffrey is the story in words and pictures of Leeds United’s greatest years. Originally published as a booklet in 1977 and later at csjtwelveatthetop.co.uk this fantastic site has sadly disappeared from the internet. We re-publish here to preserve this fantastic telling of our clubs glory years and to bring the story to a new audience.

- Season 1963-1964
- Season 1964-1965
- Season 1965-1966
- Season 1967-1967
- Season 1967-1968
- Season 1968-1969
- Season 1969-1970
- Season 1970-1971
- Season 1971-1972
- Season 1972-1973
- Season 1973-1974
- Season 1974-1975

The Last Champions (1988-1992)

- Seasons 1988-1992


- 100 Greatest Leeds United Players
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