Leeds United History

Football came late to the city of Leeds, indeed to the county of West Yorkshire as a whole. There was a great deal of suspicion about the round ball game in the industrial city of Leeds, it’s inhabitants much preferred the tougher, more skilful code of rugby football. From the early pioneers of Leeds FC, Leeds Albion, Leeds AFC and Hunslet FC football eventually gained a toehold in the city but scandal was to put an end to the first professional team bearing the cities name. From the ashes came Leeds United, the club we love and who celebrate their centenary this season.

Leeds United History

1864-1904 - Football in a Stubborn Yorkshire Rose
1904-1919 - The Leeds City Story, Professionalism & Scandal
1939-1947 - The Outbreak of Hostilities, Football During the War
1963-1975 - Twelve at the Top, The Revie Era
1988-1992 - The Last Champions

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