Virtual Lowfields Road Chatroom

Can't make the match? Come and join us in our match day chat room, Virtual Lowfields Road (or VLR) arguably the best way to follow Leeds United when you aren't actually at Elland Road or following them away from home. Whether we're talking about actual football, or just distracting each other with more exciting topics - it is always a great way to follow our team.

You might want to bookmark it for future use! It isn't actually connected to the forum so you will need to log in again, ideally with your MOT forum name so we can recognise who you are! You will only need a password if you choose to register that name with the hosts (EWC), a process you can do while in the chat room by clicking 'options' in the bottom right of the screen. Otherwise just leave the password box blank and click connect. You might also want to click the 'expand chat' button.

Looking forward to welcoming you all! Image