16 Sep 2019 07:13am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Monday 16th September, and here are the Leeds Utd headlines...

Leeds leave it late

Even with 69% possession and 16 shots on goal (until the 70th minute), it was uncertain who would leave Oakwell victorious, until Nketiah joined proceedings.

Don't get me wrong, Leeds were by far the better team, but we have been sucker punched more times than I can remember. With the likes of Mowatt and Wilkes (did we really only get £1.5m for him) with a point to prove, would we have been surprised to see the Tykes steal three points?

Had Nketiah not come on, do you believe Leeds would have still won?

It can't be easy to try and influence a game when you only have 20 minutes. How long can Nketiah keep the goals flowing playing a bit part?

Why do Leeds have such a problem scoring?

Whilst I'm not trying to teach Bielsa how to suck eggs, by playing the same team week in, week out surely gives the opposition an advantage as they know, bar an injury the Argentinian will play the same team week in, week out. The second point that I would make is that a handful of players, including the Captain (Cooper) have already expressed their concerns about burnout to ex White Michael Bridges on their pre season to Australia in the Summer.

Bielsa post match interview

The YEP caused up with Bielsa to grab this thoughts on the trip to Oakwell, and this is what he had to say:-

Tabloids lay in to Leeds over crowd disturbance

No sooner had the final whistle gone, than the tabloids started laying into the Whites for causing trouble during the closing stages of the Yorkshire Derby

But what really happened? Grandmother, and super Leeds fan Heidi Haigh recalled what transpired...

As I stood to the left hand side Leeds won a penalty and Klich obliged to put the ball into the net to give us a two goal lead at the death. With delirious scenes of the celebrating Leeds fans, I suddenly heard a commotion to the left of us in the side stand.

Some Leeds fans had been sat in the seats all game at the front but must have celebrated our second goal when they got attacked. One lad with no shirt on was one of the culprits but some of the attacking was vicious.

Together with a woman, they were both attacking a lad sat down for ages before anyone intervened. I’d like to know why they weren’t both arrested instead of being let back in the stand?

The rest of the stewards stood around that area and did nothing. It was only when loads of our stewards ran over that it all stopped. One lad gave the Leeds salute as he was taken out. With it all kicking off and fans standing in front of me I hardly saw the closing minutes of the game.

At the end, I saw one lad with a badly grazed forehead and I thought he was kicked it was that bad. I’d seen someone post before the game that they were vicious in Barnsley especially if you are found in their ends and that had been seen today.

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13 Sep 2019 07:18am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Friday 13th September, and here are the Leeds Utd headlines

Boro set to sue EFL over Derby FFP farce

According to The Times, Middlesbrough have sent legal documentation to the EFL, showing intentions to sue them for failing to enforce its financial rules over Derby's purchase of Pride Park.

Pride Park was listed as an asset on Derby's books with a value of £41m when their owner Mel Morris used a separate company to buy it for £80m with a deal to lease it back.

Losses of more than £13m per year over three years breach the EFL's profit and sustainability rules, and by virtue of Derby's (fraudulent imo) actions, it looks like they have escaped justice.

Why haven't Leeds been throwing their weight around? The football governing bodies are quick enough to do it, when the ball is on the other foot?

Leeds rejected 27m for Phillips in the Summer

According to the Sun, Leeds rejected an offer of 27m for Kalvin Philips from Spurs in the Summer.

Leeds were worried that had they accepted the offer, they would have to find themselves a new Manager.

Phillips has been speaking to the YEP about his joy having signed a 5 year deal (and making himself over 10m in the process).

“It’s a big moment in my career, I want to spend a lot of time at this club and to sign a new five year deal is a very proud moment for myself and my family,”

“I always talk about football, it is what I live for and my family have always supported me 100 per cent, if it wasn’t for my mum and my grandma, I don’t think I would be in this position now.

“I’ve spent countless hours on the training pitches, I’ve put a lot of hard work in and sacrificed a lot, so I think I’ve deserved what I am getting.

“This season we’ve got to get back in the Premier League and with the team and manager we have got, it would be a big opportunity wasted if we don’t get promoted.

“We’ve got to push and push for promotion, we came so close last year and I think it has done the team good because we know what it takes and how much hard work it takes to get there.

“Hopefully we can have another good season like last year, but finish it off.”
At what price would YOU sell Phillips for?


In other news

It has been revealed that Liam Cooper was instrumental is persuading Kalvin Phillips to stay at Leeds.

Hmmmmm, I wonder whether Stuart Dallas 'had a word' too?

The Matthew Murray High School in South Leeds looks favourite to become Leeds new training ground.

Facilities including high-performance sports pitches and gymnasiums, nutrition facilities, medical rooms and teaching and staff space would be created at a cost of circa 25m

The proposed training ground would be Category 1 status - a requirement of the Premier League for training and academy facilities.

Leeds are currently in talks with Klich and Hernandez about renewing their contracts. Hernandez will be 35 at the end of this current season. Thoughts?

It's Friday 13th. Anyone superstitious?

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