Blackburn v Leeds : Team/Reports/Ratings

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Re: Blackburn v Leeds : Team/Reports/Ratings

Post by weasel » Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:27 am

Martyn wrote:Older heads do not equal journeymen.

Were Collins or Strachan journeymen?
I wondered how soon someone would mention Strachan. The main difference is that Strachan was not a journeyman, he'd played for two clubs who were playing at the top level (Aberdeen at the time were eclipsing Rangers and Celtic under the management of Alex Ferguson and beating Real Madrid in a European final). He came to Leeds and by god he ran around more than any of the younger players and was a great example to them all. Journeymen are players like Varney who have gone from club to club never quite achieving, never really doing enough to warrant a club wanting to keep him.

In Antenucci I feel we have a player that would to many fit the journeyman tag. However this is a player that could have simply stayed on the serie B merry-go-round but instead has upped his family and moved to Leeds. That suggests to me a player that isn't simply coming for the salary but is coming for the right reasons, he wants to play football and he wants to play in front of big crowds for a big club. His performances so far suggests to me that he fits more into the Strachan category of older player than the Varney category.

This team will be fine, they just need time to gel and improve and become more of a team than just a collection of decent players.
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Re: Blackburn v Leeds : Team/Reports/Ratings

Post by Genghers » Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:13 am

andywatson wrote:I think lumping Morison in there is a bit unfair. Yes, he didn't have the best of starts, but his work ethic seems solid enough. Unfortunately for him I think he is almost permanently tarred with the same brush as Hunt- who was missing from your list.
Hunt is certainly on the list. Morison does seem the sort of player who's happy not playing though, if you see what I mean. When Becchio left he was the main strikeforce for our team, but when Morison came in he immediately started to slip down the pecking order, despite very little competition for that place...

I'd be happy to be proven wrong by any of the aforementioned players, I just don't see it happening.

I wonder whether we'll see anything of Aidy White this season (if he gets over this injury). Presumably Redders knows him better than our last 4/5 managers, so if he doesn't get a chance now I doubt he ever will.

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