Those who can’t do…

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Those who can’t do…

Post by YorkshireSquare » Wed Jan 27, 2016 12:51 pm

You know how the saying goes, "those who can’t do, teach", and when it comes to soccer, it is quite clear that many who can’t play indeed start to teach and coach instead. However, there are many other things to engage in when you don’t seem to have been blessed with any ball-playing sense. It's a good thing there are plenty of forums and outlets for frustrated wannabes online. In fact, there is absolutely no shame in not being able to play in the big championships. Soccer is about so much more than running after a ball, making goals and being in the spotlight.


But is there really something to the saying that those who can’t do teach? Many would agree that people who have a passion for something might not necessarily be busy doing it for real, but since they are experts on the subject they will simply teach it. Woody Allen is known for his quote stating that those who can’t do teach gym, and when you think back to your sporting days, wasn’t the coach always someone who due to one reason or another had to quit the game and help others do what he or she no longer could?

When watching games and following teams, we sometimes feel like we know precisely what is taking place and what needs to be done. Some will preach in ways that make you wonder just how they know so much without ever having played ball themselves. This seems to ring true about us as human beings but let’s look into other things we can do when we can’t do…


Oh yes, betting is certainly an activity for those who can’t do. Once you find a good bookie using sports betting reviews or word of mouth in a forum you could actually end up making money from all of your knowledge. If you do well you might even come to think that the fact that you can’t play ball yourself is really a minor thing. You’re probably having a much better time sitting comfortably in your favorite chair, downing a beer while your intuitions come true and the money lands in your account. No need to sweat, no need for injuries, and no need to get up before daylight to do stretches on a cold and wet English football field.

The good thing about betting on soccer is that it is a form of entertainment that works for pretty much anyone. Bet small, bet big, bet every day, bet only on Champions League… The possibilities are endless and you don’t necessarily have to win big money in order to enjoy the action.

Still Play

When it comes to soccer, it is not necessarily an all or nothing sport - that you must either be a professional player or stay away from the game altogether. Almost every country has some sort of amateur league for players who just love to run after that ball in the company of others who never made the cut. So you too can be involved, even while not at the level where people run after you to get your name scribbled on a wet beer napkin.

In fact, by joining a bunch of amateur soccer lovers you are doing a great favor to yourself as well as to those around you. Once the game is over, you can share your thoughts with others who, like you, know exactly what it takes to be a great soccer player. Your body and mind will get great exercise and your good mood will rub off on everyone around you, which leads us to…

The Kids

Now it is their turn to do what you couldn’t. What you couldn’t and can’t do, they will. Send them to the best soccer clubs at an early age and get up together early Sunday mornings to make rounds on the grass in the local park. Practice without shoes to get the same feel for the ball as John Guidetti has, and make sure to push the little ones a little bit further so that they can reach their potential.

If the young ones can’t do? No problem, they can do the rest mentioned above, just like you, and have a fabulous life enriched by soccer in every possible way.
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