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Leeds Statistics

Post by Cjay » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:45 am

Bit bored last night, so i decided to check some of the stats for us over the season so far. All stats are available on WHoScored.com who are extremely respected and reliable for this sort of thing.

1st thing. Defensive.
Tackles- We are 2nd for Total tackles made and total tackles attempted.
Clearances- We are 7th for clearances made.
Shots blocked- We are only 21st.
Crosses blocked we are only 22nd.
Passes blocked- we are 1st.
Shots conceded per game- We are 23rd, the 2nd least.
Ball retention

Poor touches- we are 19th, not to bad that.
Dispossessed. we are 6th

Offensive play.
Shots taken- 6th most.
shots on target- 4th
Goals- 2nd
3rd for shots taken from outside the box.
11th for inside.
21st for dribbles

Aerial play.
We struggle, 18th for total headers attempted, 18th won, 17th lost.

Total passes- We are 1st with Brentford 2nd (doubt that surprises anyone).
We are 4th for pass accuracy.
We are 2nd for key passes, what that means is "passes leading to a shot".
Assists- rather surprisingly, we are joint 2nd for most assists from crosses (although that doesnt mean they were headed goals i dont think)
Joint 1st with Brentford (surprisingly) for goals from corners this season.

Situational stats
11th for crosses per game
Joint 1st for through balls per game.
23rd for long balls per game.
1st for Short passes per game.

Positional stats

39% of our attacks come down our left side. 2nd for that stat.
23% come through the middle . .20th for that
37% come down out right side, 19th for that.

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Re: Leeds Statistics

Post by Cjay » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:54 am

Interestingly, Sheffield Wednesday are 1st for attacks down the middle, 2nd for attacks down the left, and last for attacks down the right.

There also 23rd for crosses per game.
75% of there goals have been from set pieces, including one penalty.
There 3rd for shots conceded per game (we were 23rd).
10th for tackles, 18th for interceptions.
21st for shots per game. (6th we were)
15th for shots on target per game, (we were 4th ).
4th for clearences
5th for shots blocked
4th for crosses blocked
8th for bad touches
11th for dispossessed.
12th for total paases.
3rd for accurate long ball.
mid table for short passes.
key passes 17th

Took longer to copy that then i thought :lol:

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Re: Leeds Statistics

Post by 1964white » Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:18 am

Can't remember us scoring from a corner last season :duno:

We must have scored at least one :shock:

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