Bargain Hunt

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Bargain Hunt

Post by Cjay » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:43 pm

Sounds like Radz wants to trim the squad.

So who could he sell to free up space and some funds?

The loans go back, Lassie and Penny. Out of them I'd only want Lassie back, Penny is ok as back up at best.

Pablo Hernandez is going to be a high earner and is out of contract, he deserves a new one but whether he gets one is another story.

Saiz, Jansson and Alioski would probably go for decent money, certainly more then we paid. But we need to be keeping those imo.

Ronaldo Vieira
divides opinion but certainly think he wouls fetch a hefty sum, but again we need to be keeping him

Forshaw, De Bock, Ideguchi will all stay i expect. Which is fair, happy enoug.

Klich is interesting, he is impressing in Holland again and may attract bids of a few million. But id rather see him given a chance, over some who have had plenty and delivered little.

Anita could be an option, not sure what we'd get but as a high earner he may be someone to offload.

Roofe, Sacko, O'Kane, Phillips, Cooper, Dallas,

All divide opinion, all have had good moments. If we could get 3-5mill each that'd be good business imo.

Especially Cooper, O'Kane, Sacko and Phillips.

Sacko goes without saying, isnt good enough.
Cooper is solid but far to inconsistent to be a first choice, however as back up worth keeping.
O'Kane is poor, he isnt going to improve but may appeal to a lower Championship side.
Phillips is similar to O'Kane imo but gets a bit of a free pass because he is a 'leeds lad". Cant see him ever being any more then decent squad player.

Lonners and Wiedwald, neither up to 1st choice, I'd keep Wiedwald out of the pair.

So Sacko, O'Kane, Phillips, Cooper, Lonners to go firstly.

If decent offers come in then Roofe, Wiedwald, Anita and Dallas.

What do others think? Who stays who goes.

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Re: Bargain Hunt

Post by hector » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:49 pm

Sacko, O'Kane, Phillips, Cooper

If we can offload these 4 without having to pay anyone, it would be a bonus, think you are in cuckoo land thinking of actually getting any money for them never mind 3-5 mil....
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becchio bear
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Re: Bargain Hunt

Post by becchio bear » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:02 pm

I'd be happy to see the back of Sacko, O'Kane, Phillips, Cooper and Anita and like Hector says just getting rid would be a bonus. I really hope we keep Pablo, Saiz, Jansson and Alioski as I like all 4. I'm not a fan of Weidwald, Roofe is hit and miss as is Dallas but the last 2 aren't on my immediate hit list :bear:

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Re: Bargain Hunt

Post by HarryofOz » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:34 pm

The first two players that I'd get rid of/replace are Lasogga and Ekuban. Neither have shown themselves to be good enough in the crucial role of main goalscorer.
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