Lowering Expectations to Raise Them Again

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Lowering Expectations to Raise Them Again

Post by Clive » Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:18 am

This appears to have been the tactic of our owners for the last few years and they've been getting away with it.

Sign a few good players, get a decent manager, then at the first sign of trouble sack him and replace him with someone worse to reduce the expectation level. Repeat that and it means there's always optimism at the start of the season, so you'll always sell plenty of season tickets and shirts, without ever having to make the serious investment required to take a team into the Premier League and keep it there.

Radrizzani may have pushed his luck with Heckingbottom, though. He's been an absolute disaster who's clearly worse than Christiansen, and a team who have been in touch with the top 6 all season have dropped to mid-table, the football stinks, and there's a general feeling of negativity as strong as maybe any we've had here.

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Re: Lowering Expectations to Raise Them Again

Post by Cjay » Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:37 am

I think Radz has really messed up today.

The tweet has attracted the attention of the media and that was what annoyed fans most about Cellino.

Making us look bad in the footballing world.

It comes across as bitter and deflectory.

And isnt that what Radz does though when you think about it?

Got the stadium back, except he didnt, he owns it we dont, if he sells the club the stadium isnt part of that its a separate entity.

But PR has taken the focus off that.

He released the badge then took it back, we had a poor January but fans still remember the badge and think "yeah but he cares look at the badge".

He sacked TC . Then gave a long interview where he blamed as much as he could on TC . But he "apologised" to the fans, more PR.

He insists we have a top 6 squad, he did so not long ago. He insists we can make the playoffs thats why he sacked TC.

We have been awful recently, we got battered no matter the politics on a purely footballing level by a good Wolves side and a good Boro side.

But Radz has taken the focus off that, the media, the football world the fans are focusing on the tweet . . . . Except there not.

The fans are furious and most of the tweets at Radz from our fans are about our own issues not the subject Radz brought up.

I think he has been a bit to clever for his own good, fans will start to question him more.

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Re: Lowering Expectations to Raise Them Again

Post by rab_rant » Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:03 am

The only grim satisfaction that I can take from this is that it is
becoming easier to predict results when it comes to Leeds United.
Perhaps not the correct score but definitely a lose.
How sad is that?
Scottish Steel and Irish Fire that's the weapon I desire.

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Re: Lowering Expectations to Raise Them Again

Post by Norm » Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:47 am

How sad is it that we apparently have another shyster in charge of our club.
Kenny Dalglish may have spoken to the wrong person after all.
After the shenanigans of GFH and MC I had thought we were doing OK, but now I'm so sick of penniless prophets.
The only thing that can save us is a fan who is a multi-million pound winner of a mega-lottery who cares enough to buy us from the stupidity.

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Re: Lowering Expectations to Raise Them Again

Post by 1964white » Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:31 am

Had my reservations about Radz, Orta & co from day one

These clowns didn't fool me, they have totally dismantled what we had last season under Cellino & Monk, we were three players away from a promotion challenging team for 2017/18.
Radz/Orta wrecked all that & are the root of all our problems, Now we are left with a shambles of a club. I fear for next season :(

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Re: Lowering Expectations to Raise Them Again

Post by faaip » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:51 am

Looks like I'm in the minority again. Rads is on a steep learning curve with two very poor managers appointed. I'm happy to give him more time as he does own us and is an improvement on previous Owners with the exception maybe of Cellino whom I liked.

Actually the pair of them together were quite good. Rads the business end and Massimo had good football knowledge.
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