Famous Leeds Fans from Other Sports

28 Jun 2017 06:52pm, by YorkshireSquare

Here at Leeds, there’s one thing we can be sure we’re lacking: plastic fans. If you’re a Leeds fan, you’re one through and through. We’re not a club that attracts the hipster fans that support whatever club is currently in vogue. We’re a club that you’re born to support, so when we find a Leeds United fan no matter where they hail from, we appreciate their love for the club.

And so, after hearing that Leeds fan Katie Taylor is lined up for her American debut as a pro in July, we got to thinking about other sports where you might uncover a Whites fan, and that train of thought led us to these few gems right here.

First, we head for a bit of cross-country skiing and the retired Norwegian legend that is Frode Estil, who incidentally also happens to support our mighty club. Nope, we hadn’t heard of him either, but then again, cross country skiing isn’t really a sport on the rise in West Yorkshire, is it?

So, let’s move onto a sport with a better following in the area: Rugby League. Yes, it’s still lads chasing an egg around a pitch, but at least for this sport, we can boast a fan who was born and raised in Leeds: Karl Harrison. He’s a former rugby league pro that played for Hull and was on the 1992 Great Britain Lions tour of Australia and New Zealand. Not bad for a bloke we’ve never heard of, and to be honest, we feel a bit bad for not knowing about him. But it’s still Eggby isn’t it!

We also found a couple of tennis players that you’ve definitely heard of if you’ve ever even glanced at the back pages during Wimbledon. Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg are both out and out Leeds fans. Can you believe that? There must be a seriously good supporters club over there in Sweden if we can boast two multiple Grand Slam winners as Whites fans.

It's been a while since Stefan or Mats were at Wimbledon and we're wondering what kind of odds BetStars would give them alongside the powerhouse players of today such as Federer and Nadal. But we're a loyal lot here, so we’d put all our money on the Swedes who love Leeds to destroy today's pretenders.

We thought we hit the jackpot with tennis and then we had a look at golf. Don’t ask us why we looked at it, but we did, and lo and behold we found not one, not two, but five golfers who are Leeds fans.

Colin Montgomerie, golf’s nearly man (he finished second a lot) has himself campaigned for the club and shown his support on many an occasion. He spent some time here studying and, well, he got the bug and has supported us ever since.

Howard Clark is a local lad born and bred here in Leeds and a pro golfer for decades. He didn’t win much in his time, but he’s a true White. Paul Broadhurst is another pro with a similar career and if you haven’t heard of him don’t feel bad, we hadn’t either.

Now here’s a name you’re probably familiar with, Padraig Harrington, the two-time British Open winner who loves to rile up Sergio Garcia whenever he gets the chance is definitely a fan worth having. He’s a bit of a laugh that Harrington, and we imagine he’d be up for a few pints down the Old Peacock. We also reckon he’d be much more fun down at the pub than the last golfer on our list, Nick Faldo.

We’ve never seen him at the ground or heard him say anything about the club, so we’re not entirely convinced on that one. Have we missed any? There have to be a few darts or snooker players we’ve overlooked, so let us know in the comments below.