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20 Oct 2016 04:49pm, by Shields53

You may think it sounds crazy but I’m going to show you how to make money on Leeds every week! Currently stuck in mid-division with five wins out of 13 and having conceded more goals than they’ve put through the opposition’s net, I wouldn’t blame you for saying it can’t be done by betting, but you’d be wrong.

Look around the site and you’ll see lots of links to betting offers. Matched betting is a tried and tested method of exploiting these offers to guarantee a profit. It won’t make you rich, you can make over £700 from the various welcome offers and over £500 per month taking advantage of promotions like money back offers that are available to existing customers.

You can subscribe to matchedbets.com and get access to all the offers, detailed tutorials with video walkthroughs and the special software required to ensure you make a profit on each offer.

First, be assured this is not gambling in the sense you will lose your money. Matched betting has been tested and featured on highly trusted websites like the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Huffington Post and they all agree it works. Martin Lewis, the thrifty financial expert who appears regularly on ITV’s Good Morning, even has a forum dedicated to matched betting on his Money Saving Expert website. Simply follow the instructions and match your bets as explained and you won’t lose out.

How matched betting works

Matched betting involves placing a bet to win with a bookmaker and betting the selection to lose on a betting exchange. This means you win one of the bets no matter what the result and by finding closely matched odds with the bookie and on the exchange you won’t lose anything.

To make a profit matched betting, you place a qualifying that will earn you a free bet. For instance, Ladbrokes will give a £50 free bet for placing a £50 bet with your own cash. Place a £50 bet to win with Ladbrokes and bet it to lose on the betting exchange. Depending on the prices available, you will earn a £50 free bet at no cost or for a few pence.

You can use a similar technique for the free bet and because you haven’t paid for it, you can calculate the stake amount for the exchange that guarantees a similar profit no matter what the result. Expect to make about £40 profit from a £50 free bet and deduct the small cost, if any, for placing the qualifying bet and you have your from the offer.

This is where the guides and tutorials pay their way. You get step-by-step instructions to guide you all the way from registering with bookmakers to placing bets on the exchange. Odds matching software finds the best bets to place and the matched betting calculator works out the stakes to place so you don’t have to test your grey matter.

What have Leeds got to do with matched betting?

You can usually bet on any sports to qualify for welcome offers, so if you were to bet on Leeds matches, they’d be contributing to your profits.

However, if you take this advice and subscribe to a matched betting service, you’re unlikely to bet on Leeds for every one because I don’t believe many will have the patience to wait until the next match to bag a bonus.

People are setting aside about 30 minutes a day to do matched betting offers and comfortably earning £500 per month. The beauty is you can do it at your leisure, it’s an easy way to pay for a season ticket or to fund away trips. Dedicated matched bettors are making over £1000 per month, some claim over £2000, and whatever you make is tax-free.

Here we go with Leeds United, we’re gonna give the boys a hand.

19 Oct 2016 08:13pm, by Shields53

Are you the most knowledgeable football fan around? Do you want to be involved with EA SPORTS FIFA? Well, you’re in luck as the FIFA Talent Scout team are looking for people like you.

The FIFA Talent Scout community has over 6000 active members and is always looking for individuals to help improve their football database. This is a great opportunity to put your knowledge of your club to good use, helping to ensure that the EA SPORTS football database continues to contain the most up to date and accurate team and player data for the many leagues featured in FIFA 17.

What roles are available?

The first step into our community is as a football analyst, who can examine team and player data and offer feedback suggesting possible changes. You can contribute towards improving player appearance, player attributes, team formations and team tactics. There is no minimum or maximum expectation in terms of your contribution to the database. The key is that when you do contribute, your feedback helps to improve the authenticity of FIFA 17.

Those who stand out may be offered the chance to join our editing team and the chance to take full responsibility for a team and its squad. We are able to offer some financial compensation to editors, but in return we do require that you are a very active contributor who works to our deadlines and in line with our guidelines.

Apply here now:

Stay in the conversation with FIFA Talent Scout by following: https://twitter.com/FIFATALENTSCOUT